Friday, December 30, 2011

Second Star to the Right

        Recently on the SyFy channel a new miniseries was released, like they do every year, called Neverland.  Its the origin story of Peter Pan and the rest of the character's we have come to love.  Of course like all SyFy shows that base their projects on classic tales, they seem to mix things up and try to reinvent something that really didn't need to be reinvented.  We know Peter Pan had many adventures previous to him loosing his shadow.  We also know that Neverland is a mysterious world that can be reached by flying to the second star on the right and straight on til morning.  In the miniseries Peter Pan has one adventure before loosing his shadow, also, the only way to Neverland is through an orb that transports the person to another world and there is no way of reaching that world without it.  Captain Hook is not a pirate at first but is a mentor to Peter in eighteenth century London.  It basically takes the J. M. Barrie tale and tries to make a background story but why couldn't they at least match their story to flow with the tale we know?

        After watching this miniseries I decided to watch a couple of the films I grew up with.  The first being the original animated movie, the story most people go by besides the original literature.  It is a great film and I loved going back and watching it as if it were for the first time, I forgot most of the movie being that its been so long, but the movie that I was more excited to watch over all of the rest was Hook.  The movie gets a lot of grief and I'm not exactly sure why.  If you were a kid when you watched this movie, I'm fairly certain you loved it as much as I did.  The score, the actors, the scenery, it all gave me a feel of adventure and fantasy.  It made me believe that I could go to this world and not age and live without worry.  Having an adventure everyday and acting as a kid is very appealing to me compared to how I live my life now.  I'm not complaining but at the moment I'm at a crossroads with stress.  I know I am off topic.

        Now Hook isn't primarily based on the same literature but if it is a sequel to the original story, its very good with keeping up with what was written over one hundred years ago.  The film  stays true to the original story and keeps in mind that its a lighthearted story and should be kept that way.  Any story with Peter Pan as a character should leave the viewer in a state of wonder.  Neverland didn't quite do it for me.  It was enjoyable to watch but it didn't really give me the same feeling as Hook or Peter Pan.


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