Monday, June 10, 2013

Solitude: Creature Design

Solitude, a feature film that I have discussed before on this blog, is still in pre-production.  Starting July 9th, we will start principle photography on the film.  Our goal is to get half of this film in the can by mid August, then finishing the rest of it in January due to wanting winter surroundings in the scenes.  A creature is being created for this horror feature, created by Livingston Oden and being brought to life by our head in special effects, Darla Edin.  Below are a few conceptual designs of the creature.  Each drawing is what will be seen on film this summer, only showing part of the creature to give you a taste of whats to come at the end of the film.  Tell us what to think by commenting and check out our website for the film at:  You can also visit out facebook page by clicking here for updates.

If you would like to contribute to our film in some way, they is a donate page where you can give a few dollars to make this film a proud member of the horror genre.

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