Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Movie I'm Looking Forward Too

What would you consider the most influential movie of the summer?  I'm sure most people would say The Dark Knight Rises or even The Avengers.  To me though, the one movie that I'm looking forward to the most is a movie I really didn't care about seeing six months ago.  For some reason, watching the previews on television and in the movie theater has won me over, and I find myself excited now when I see even a scene from the film I'm referring too.  Is everybody curious now as to what movie I'm speaking of?  Prometheus has grown on me, first thought to be an Alien prequel but is now referred to as an original story based in the same universe as Alien. 

I was excited to here that Ridley Scott had taken the reins of a franchise he started back in 1979.  A movie that had changed the way we look at movie monsters, space, and the future.  In the past monsters and aliens were created with little imagination, most looking a lot like a man in a suit with bug eyes and a big cranium.  The concept for the alien came from H.R. Giger, an artist whose work was the main focus for the world of Alien.  The two images below is where the primary alien and face huger designs came from.
 The movie was a box office success and spawned several sequels, but the franchise has basically gone dormant, thanks in large part to the Alien vs. Predator films.  When news came out that a new film to the franchise would be hitting theaters in 2012 I was pumped to see what the original director would have in store.  Months after the news of a new Alien film, Ridley Scott said in an interview that the film is now an original story based in the same universe, and the creatures in the film will have the same DNA as the Aliens we all know.  I lost interest after the change in the story came about, that was until I watched the trailer for Prometheus, giving me a glimpse of whats to come.  The trailers have left us in the dark as to whats going on, only getting news that there's a message left on earth at historical sites all around the globe.  The message is supposedly an invitation for mankind to learn the answers of our origins.  Of course we know things don't go to plan and there's more to the message than we first thought.  It's the first time, watching a trailer, that I really have no idea whats going on or can even tell what the movie's about.  I really hope that when the movie is finally released in June, I get something that truly is original.
Earlier this month their was news that a Blade Runner sequel is in the works, which is also a film directed by Ridley Scott.  Originally the film was going to spawn two more sequels, but of course like most things in Hollywood, things never go as planned.  Here's hoping something good comes out of this news. 

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