Friday, January 6, 2012

Car in the Woods

             Alright boys and girls, I know I haven't really been on in a week but I'm back.  Today I went to the park not to far from where I live and it was an enjoyable experience, not because it was a beautiful park but because of the journey getting there.  As I stared out of the passenger window I saw something glimmering in the distance.  Just in the woods sat an old beat up 1955 Ford Custom-line.  It turned out that it was only a few hundred yards from the park so I took my camera and had my mom pull the car over.  When I closed the door she left with the rest of the family in tow as I made my way up the hill.  When I got to the car I took the first image that you see below.
             I took several shots of the car and low and behold just next to me was a sign stapled to a tree that read "No Trespassing," so now I was breaking the law and trying to hide whenever a car went zooming by on the near by road.  Was it worth it?  Well if I was caught no it wouldn't of been, but since I wasn't, yes it was.  I took a few more photos but one stuck out over all the rest to me which is what you see below.
           I finally put my camera away in its case and made my way to the park.  I must say though why would anyone place a car out in the middle of the woods to just let it rust away?  A waste really, but it still made for a good photograph.

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