Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tintin: Is it Worth the Money?

          Tintin starts out with a score from John Williams playing with an almost Catch Me If You Can feel; the credits that role are also reminiscent of the same film with Tintin running from danger with his trusty dog Snowy.  As the story begins we meet Tintin in a city street getting his portrait sketched; in this scene there is a nod to the original character drawing that can be seen in his first outing in the 1929 comic.  I was very surprised on how much the animation has advanced since the last time I watched a movie with the goal of making the character's look real, and I do just mean these kinds of films excluding Avatar.  I exclude Avatar because it wasn't primarily an animated film.
          The story was fresh and was something I haven't seen on the silver screen before.  The 3-D wasn't as great as advertised, so save the extra few dollars and watch it in regular 2-D.  In the beginning it did take a while for the story to get its pace but it did pick up about thirty minutes into the film and I enjoyed the adventure from that point on.  I'm not into reviews that give away spoilers.  Never been a fan to find out what will happen in the movie before seeing it.  I'll say though they do leave the movie open for another adventure but in what way is something you will have to find out for yourself.
         The character's are what made the whole story worth the ticket. The two bumbling detective's, the drunken sea captain, and a clever villain made the experience that much more enjoyable.  The character of Tintin was also wonderful to watch but it was Snowy that stole a lot of the scenes, of course no real dog could do what Snowy did but its fun to think its possible.
          I was a fan of Tintin when I was a child.  I never read the comics but I watched the cartoon series in the early nineties and it was something I always looked forward to every week.  I loved how it almost captured the same feel of the cartoon and my expectations were primarily based on what I watched on television and not the actual comics.
          The question is though was it worth the money to buy a ticket for this film?  Yes it is worth the ticket and yes its worth your time, but if you do go to see this film I wouldn't pay the extra money to see it in 3-D.  I can't promise everyone will like it because everyone likes different things.  Its great for kids over the age of five and is also enjoyable for the parents who take them.
          By the way, The Hobbit trailer plays before the film.  It definitely is worth at least a walk in to see the previews if your going to see another movie around the same time Tintin starts.

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