Monday, December 19, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder Why?

       Today I went to get my eyes examined, which is always a fun time.  Now I don't know if anyone ever noticed but when your sitting in the chair waiting for the optometrist there is a projector pointing at a mirror in front of you.  That image is then reflected off of that mirror and bounces onto another mirror behind where you sit.  Am I finished you ask?  Not quite! That image is then reflected onto, yet another mirror right next to the mirror in front of you.  This image that I have been patiently getting to are those wonderful letters that you read to the optometrist.  My question is why do they need three mirrors to bounce the image that many times in order for you to read it?  Possibly there is a scientific reasoning behind all of this trouble, but with all of our modern technology don't you think they could possibly figure out a way to put the projector behind the patient's chair in order to use less or even no mirrors at all?  I would think so.

       Now after the wonderful trip to the eye doctor I went over to Best Buy for a couple items, one being a plastic protector for the front of my phone.  My question is why don't they make their phone screens scratch proof just like they do for glasses?  Okay, I already know the answer to this.  It's because those plastic protector's are twenty dollars a piece and on an average a person has to buy one about once a year in order to keep their screens nice and clear like the day it was bought.  The phones companies could at least give the option to have a scratch proof screen for a certain dollar amount which might save me a few dollars in the long run.  Of course greed out weighs need and so we are stuck with what is available.

       Lastly, and this is unrelated to what I have written above, but on the way home I went by a sign on the side of a truck with a Coca Cola Santa Clause.  When I got home I came across an image on the internet of Santa in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  There are two differences between these two Santa's, and I don't mean one is a stop motion Santa and the other is a painting of Santa.  The Santa on Rudolf is bald while the Coca Cola Santa has hair.  Now let me ask, which Santa is more accurate?  Does Santa have hair or is he bald?  Now I know it's just how some people perceive him and his image has evolved throughout the years but honestly it seems nobody can come to a finalized version that everyone can say yes Santa has hair or no he is bald.  What do you think?

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