Saturday, July 6, 2013

Throwing Knives

Every wondered how to throw a throwing knife?  It's rather difficult, but the guy in the video below has found am easy way to get around it.  Check it out at the video here.  The throwing knife is properly balanced in order for anyone to throw a knife, the key is in how you throw it.  Of course there are ways around a proper way of throwing it, one instance is the kind of knife.
The knife below is what I call the cheating mans throwing knife,being that you'll stick it just about everytime its thrown, but its pretty bad ass.

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  1. Hi livingston oden,
    I have been through this video in your link. But I didn't find any adjustment regarding the throwing of this knife. Even though it is a great knife by look but hard to get hand onto it for throwing purpose. You can rather stick to a knife which is simple and easy to use.
    Throwing Knives