Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Independent Film Needs A Budget

Taylor Olson, a friend of mine and I, Livingston Oden, are developing a film called Solitude.  Solitude is a tribute to horror films of the last 75 years.  Most of the story takes place in present day but we follow the story of a family across a 75 year period, all taking place on a piece of property outside the town of Solitude.  On this property, an evil presence terrorizes the family and the people of the town.  The main character, James, soon finds out about the property after his mother passes.  He reads diaries, journals, police reports, rummages through drawings and photos.  Everything he learns from these items tell a story.  Each story is a short film based on an event that took place on the property and will look as if it were filmed in the time frame.  All of these stories will flow together to make a feature film.

We're currently in pre production, but we need help in order to get a budget.  We launched an Indiegogo campaign a day ago, which is in need of some attention.  The Indiegogo campaign link is at the bottom of this article.  We, the filmmakers, are far from popular when it comes to the mainstream.  Lately we've seen campaigns from popular actors and directors launch a kickstarter in order to gain funding for their pet project.  Most recently was the Kickstarter campaign for the feature film Veronica Mars, a popular television series that went off the air a few years ago.  Within a day the campaign reached its goal of two million dollars, and still had 29 days to go to gain much more funding.  This is all possible due to the fact that they have fans and an audience to give them this opportunity.  We don't have millions of fans.  What we do have is the dream to create something that we think many would love, something thats different than what most see in the theater today. 

Taylor Olson and I both graduated from film school a year and a half ago and both of us have had a hard road to travel to get work.  Like most people in this country, we have struggled to climb the latter of the industry we're most passionate about.  The issue we have in reaching the top are the obstacles that have been placed in front of us, but that's not stopping us in reaching the goals we'd like to achieve.  What we're asking is a little help.  I believe that we can reach the budget and beyond if we can get the word out on our project.  If we can get the chance, we know we won't let you guys down in making a project that would make us and everyone involved proud to be a part of.  You can see more information on our project at either our website for the film here, or you can visit our facebook page here.

Here's our Indiegogo campaign:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/solitude-feature-film/x/3132990

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