Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Bible: Trending in Film.

Lately, news has struck on the coming of biblical films that are set to be filmed in the next couple years.  The first in the line of bible themed stories is Noah, a Russell Crowe starring vehicle based on the Ark building savior of all life on earth.  Of course the first real beginning to this spiritual road starts with the television docudrama airing on the History channel, simply named The Bible.  Produced by Mark Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey, The Bible is a collection of the most popular stories ranging from Moses to the life of Jesus.  News broke yesterday of Ridley Scott's plans on a retelling of Moses and his journey to free his people and bring Gods law to the land, and the possibility of Christian Bale in the lead role has brought much more attention to the project.  Warner Bros. is also planning a film on the life of Moses with the working title Gods and Kings.

So what brought on the sudden trend of stories told from the Bible to be made into feature films?  Its been decades since we've seen a film in theaters based on any story in the Bible.  There have been made for television mini-series that did little to peak the interest of the masses, and the Bible seems to be least popular today than it was twenty years or so ago.  If you look at the best selling book of all time though, you'll see great tales of action, suspense, drama, and love.  Every story has a great lesson to learn and a beautiful message to be told.  Anyone would be a fool not to dive back into those stories and put a modern touch to a beloved chronicle of the makings of a religion.

The History Channel has been doing well with telling stories of our history, all beginning with there first miniseries Hatfields & McCoys.  Now, The Bible, a docudrama that premiered a couple weeks ago, is setting ratings records and showing everyone that there is still a massive audience for these kinds of stories.  Every ten years or so we walk into new territory or dust off what we once loved.  The dawn of the comic book movie broke records at the turn of the century and is still going strong, maybe the Bible is next in line, but its still to soon to tell.

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