Monday, January 28, 2013

Solace: Facebook Page

A friend of mine and I are still in the midst of pre-production on our independent film Solace.  Solace is a set of six short films put together in order to create one free flowing story, all taking place around the town of Solace.  The first short film takes place in 1938, which began principle photography several days ago.  The main focuse is on a creature leaving a trail of bodies within an ancient Indian burial ground, located just outside of town.  Each short film takes place during different decades, leading up to present day.  Here's the cool part of how we're going to create these films.  Each story will be shot as if it were filmed in the decade it takes place in.  For example, the 1960's film will be shot in the style of Hitchcock, the 1980's film will be shot as if it were a Freddy or Jason movie. 

Now this is the part where you, the audience, can help us in creating this viewing experience.  Eventually we're going to create a Kickstarter in order to generate funds.  If your not sure what Kickstarter is, its a website created for independent filmmakers, artists, writers, and game developers.  Its creation is solely based on developing a budget for their project with the help of fans, friends, family, or kind and generous people who would like to donate a buck or two for the cause.  Now in order for our Kickstarter to be successful, we need to build an audience who will help us in getting this budget we so desire.

Now the reasons as to why we're wanting to do this project is fairly simple.  We're wanting to create a story told in a manner that hasn't been done before.  Most horror films seem to follow the same formula, maybe getting something special once every ten years or so.  We're actually taking that formula and twisting it a bit, using what was popular in the past, and whats popular now to create something we believe to be special.  What I like you, the audience member, to do is follow us on our Facebook page.  Which you can find by clicking here. At this moment in time I'm not asking for much, but just to simply click "like" on our film page so we can get the word out.  If your stoked as we are about this, then help us get the word out so we can make something that everyone can enjoy.  Fellow horror and film fans, we need your help.  Can you help us?  

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