Friday, September 28, 2012

Kicking Rocks With Opened Toed Shoes, Lets Help In Getting The Story Told.

              My friend Alicia Bertine, a cancer survivor who holds her head up high and with a never give up attitude, is writing a memoir about her bout with pancreatic cancer.  I met Alicia on the set of Lovetown USA when it was filmed a few months ago in Kingsland, GA.  I never would have thought that she was someone fighting for her life by talking with her on set.  She has a very uplifting quality and always has a smile on her face, no matter the circumstances.  
In 2008, she was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, and even had to battle it two more times after going into remission.  She works as a model and is also making it her mission in life to inspire others to never give up no matter what.  
Kicking Rocks with Opened Toed Shoes, the title of her book, needs help in getting the funds so that she can spread the word about her story of hope, faith, and living life to the fullest.  Please go to her kickstarter to read further about her story and hopefully donate what you can.  If you can't donate, tell your friends about this article and maybe we can help make a difference.  Below is the link to her kickstarter.  Thank you.

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