Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Avengers And The Dark Knight Rises Debate.

The last few blogs I've written have been primarily based on either The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers, and rightfully so since they're the first and second top grossing movies this year.  If you read any article or blog based on these movies, even if the other movie isn't mentioned, the comments below will state that either TDKR or The Avengers is the better movie of the two.  My opinion will come in a paragraph or so, but why even mention what movie is better?  Why does there even have to be a debate on what movie is the best?
I hear the same argument over and over again for The Avengers being the better movie of the two.  There's always mention that The Avengers has made over $600 million domestically, while TDKR has made $423 million to date.  Yes, its true, The Avengers has made more money.  It's also true that its more of a family friendly film over TDKR.  It's also true that The Avengers has a better rating on over TDKR by five percent.

Now the argument for TDKR.  I hear fans saying this movie has more of a storyline and character development than The Avengers.  It's a darker film with more emotion and it packs a punch with its action and climatic finally.  Its also the last film in The Dark Knight trilogy, which to some people this means more than a start of a new trilogy like The Avengers.  TDKR is also ranked number 22 in IMDB's top 250 films of all time while The Avengers is ranked 75.

Now my thoughts on the whole debate on what movie is better.  Yes, The Avengers has made more money than TDKR, but you also have to take into account that there was a shooting at the midnight showing of TDKR.  The shooting did cause quite a few people from not wanting to see the film in theaters.  You also have to take into account that TDKR wasn't shown in 3D, which really boosts a films box office like The Avengers.  As for critics rating The Avengers at 92% on rotten tomato versus 87% for TDKR, those percentages are just a bit to close to call and in reality they both are very good ratings to have for a film.  The character development for The Dark Knight Rises and story is much better than in The Avengers, but honestly, why develop characters that we've already been introduced to in past films.  The only character's who really needed to have development was Hawkeye and we have a good idea what he's about in the first place.  The villain Loki was even introduced prior to the release of the film.  The Dark Knight Rises on the other hand had a new villian and several new characters, which did call for more character development.  It was also the end of the trilogy, which meant the storyline couldnt leave anything open for another film.  The Avengers has a lot more story to tell and sequels to do it in. 

Honestly they're both great films and they both have a different feel to them.  If you really want my honest opinion on the matter.  The Dark Knight Rises wins in my book for several reasons, Batman is just one character while The Avengers is based on roughly seven comic book heroes.  Its not really a fair comparison.  Now if it were The Justice League against The Avengers, then I could go along with that argument.  If your wanting to be fair in this, then place Batman against Iron Man or The Hulk.  Yes I know, Batman defeated both at the box office, but that is a fair match rather than placing The Dark Knight against seven different characters.  Batman is a more beloved character and wins against all else in this race, but if he's against several heroes then its understandable as too why he's not on top.  Case closed.

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