Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Movie Of The Year So Far!

Its just past the half way mark for 2012, and even though there have been many good movies that have been released there is only one that tops them all.  I know the year isn't over and we still have a lot coming up, such as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the next Bond film, but before I get to my number one pick I'll at least run you through my top five this year so far.

Snow White and the Huntsman was chosen purely for its unique take on the classic tale.  Of course the story of Snow White has been told several times, most popular being the 1937 animated film, but this one sticks out above all else for its originality and grand scale.
The acting from Kristen Stewart wasn't really up to par with the rest of the cast but then again its hard to hold a candle to Theron's Ravenna, a.k.a. The Evil Queen or Hemsworth's Huntsman. 
The visual effects are truly stunning and the story is great with barely a moment to breath as it progressed.  This was one of two Snow White stories that has been told this year, but Mirror Mirror is more for children, this story on the other hand is something more for younger adults and up.  Since this isn't the best movie on this list it is still a decent film.  I give Snow White and the Huntsman a three out of five stars.

Prometheus, the back story to how one of the greatest movie monsters of all time came to being created, is mostly about man's mission to find the meaning of life and who our creator is.  Ridley Scott goes back to what he does best as he unfolds a story that takes place in the Alien universe.
The acting is great as well as the visual effects with an ending that leaves us wondering when a sequel will emerge.  If your curious how this story takes place within the Alien universe and how it ties into the Alien storyline, go back and watch the 1979 film and fast forward to the part where the crew explores a crashed alien ship.  That one scene, which wasn't really meant to have a back story, spawned this movie and I must say it was worth a watch.
I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

Now if I didn't place this movie on my list I'm sure I would probably get some criticism, but that isn't the reason why I placed this on my list.  Its up here because it really is an excellent film, staying true to the characters from the comic books and giving us a thrilling action packed film that pulls us to the screen as we hang from the edge of our seats.
The Avengers is the number one movie of the year, the third highest grossing film of all time, and also one of the best reviewed films in recent memory.
Robert Downey Jr. leads a cast that most have been introduced to in prior fims, starting with Iron Man in 2008.  This film is a great visual feast for any comic book fan and who doesn't like seeing New York City blown to bits for the thousandth time.
I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

 Its funny how one of the biggest movies of all time is on the same list as one of the biggest disappointments of the year.  When I say disappointments, I mean just for the studio and if you like to know my further thoughts on this film refer to the post prior to this one.
John Carter might not be a studio favorite but its a very under appreciated film.  It has a great story, great acting, and also superb visuals.  It basically has everything for anyone who enjoys a good family movie with adventure, romance, sci-fi, and a bit of comedy to tie it all together.
I do hope I see a sequel but only time will tell what will happen and if we will see a continuation of a timeless classic.
I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

Last but not least, my favorite movie of the year so far is The Dark Knight Rises.  After seeing The Dark Knight, I never would have thought that this movie would come close to how good the first sequel was but after walking out of the theater I thought it was just as good if not better.
I will agree with most that the Joker is a far more superior villain than Bane but who can deny how great it was to see Bane finally portrayed correctly.
The cast that we have come to love was excellent as usual and the added presence of Anne Hathaway was a great choice for the Catwoman role.  There are a few surprises in this movie but all in all it was an excellent film with an ending that leaves you feeling satisfied.
I give this film 5 out of 5 stars.

Of course this list is bound to change as the year progresses and I will definitely update it by years end, but a few movies that just might replace a few that you've read about above are: Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy, The Hobbit, Skyfall, and Cloud Atlas.

The list above is my opinion and you have the right to have a different one.

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